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I didn't read all form BB yet, and I certainly didn't read any wincest fics, but there is some RPS fics, that I need to pick out:

First and so far my favorite:

With You Under A Cold, Bright Sky

This fic is amazing!
Two nice people made one horrible mistake and all their lives crushes. And I love the way this story ends, with hope and desire to make things right. And they are together and love each other SO much, that you want to cry at the end.
Really, you need to read it, like NOW )))

Apocalypse: Cancelled

I can't tell a lot of about this fic, just read it. It's simply good and somehow it's caught my attention It’s good writing, great describe of feelings and... well, read. Strongly recommended lol

Lost and Found

You know, fat Jensen should be funny. I mean, FAT Jensen. Nearly impossible, but... but it's not funny at all. That fic is sad and tender, about people's issues and love at first sight. I've reread it three times and, by the way, decided go on a diet lol


Ok, just read it. It's fantastic!
About dragons and other stuff, that i don't want to spoil you. Just READ IT )

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